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Leicester Pool Tour Information

The Leicester Pool Tour is open to all who want to enter. On the tour you will be able to test your ability and composure against some of the best pool players in the country. There is over £40,000 in prize money to be won and entry fees are just £320.00 (paid in installments).

For more info please contact Anthony Tedds on 07980534247 or speak to staff at Club 147 Leicester.

Points Ranking System

Tour Dates 
  1. Ranking points are awarded for tours 1-4.

  2. If a player is absent from a tour they will receive 0 points and there opponent will automatically be awarded a 5 0 win.

  3. If after the 4 tours an individual is level on points the next factor of separation will be merit points.

  4. If they are still the same it will go onto head to head matches. If they have not played each other it will go on the total amount of matches won.

  5. If still level it will go on whoever has conceded the least frames and if still level they will be asked to play a 1 frame match (should never happen).

  6. The first round of the grand final will be the 32 players ranked 33-64. For example 33 v 64, 34 v 63, 35 v 62 etc.

  7. The second round will see players ranked 17-32 play the winners of round 1.

  8. The third round will see players ranked 1-16 play the winners of round 2 with the highest ranked player playing the lowest ranked player left in competition and so on.

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