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Club147 Tour – Rules

  1. The maximum number of places available is 64. The first 64 people to pay their £80 deposits are guaranteed spaces. A reserve list will then be set up and will come into play if for any reason somebody is removed from the tour.

  2. This event is open to both Amateur and Professionals of any cue sports no handicaps will be given on this tour.

  3. If you fail to make any payment at either Tour 1 or Tour 3 you will not be able to play in that tour and you will then have 1 week to provide the payment or you will be eliminated from the tour and the highest person on the reserve list will be offered your place. You will also be banned from any future tours or any other events held by myself or tournament organisers.

  4. You will be issued with a tour polo top at event 1. The dress code will be your tour top. If you lose your top you will have to pay for a new one and if you turn up to an event without dress code you will not be allowed to play.

  5. Whilst at any of these events all players are expected to conduct themselves in a sporting manner at all times. Any behaviour that, in the opinion of the Tournament Organisers and/or the Referee, is unbenefitting for an event of this status will result in disciplinary action being taken against player(s) concerned at the time of the incident. This action will be a warning in the first instance followed by a fine/or ejection from the venue as deemed appropriate, you also have the right to appeal against any decision made by the tournament organisers.

  6. All matches to be played to 8 ball world rules with lag for break in every match.

  7. Round 1, Round 2 and round 3 matches of the main are best of 9s the quarters & semi finals are best of 11s and the Final is best of 13. If you are eliminated in the first 3 rounds you are eligible to play in the plate for free.

  8. The plate will be best of 7s until the semi final which will be best of 9 as well as the final. The plate will consist of losers from the first 2 rounds who get free entry and anybody that wants to enter can but they will be charged £10.

  9. Any player that is late for a match will be put on the clock following being called out and will lose a frame every 10 minutes. (NO EXCUSES).

  10. Ranking points will last for 2 years so whatever points you earn this year will be carried over to next season and any new comers for the season after will start on 0 as a new player.

  11. All prize money is subject to a fully paid 64 player field plus sponsorships this will be adjusted accordingly should circumstances change with sponsors or we fail to fill the tour.

  12. Any match that is deemed to have gone over a certain time period which subsequently causes other matches to fall behind can be placed on a time clock. This we result in the match being given a referee at the end of the current frame and then each shot being 30 seconds you will get a 15 second warning. If you go over your time it will be a foul and 2 shots away. This is at the discretion of tournament organisers.

  13. If you fail to complete the season you will lose all the ranking points that you gained.

  14. All decisions that are made by tournament organisers are FINAL.

Click below to view the current standard wolrd rules as stated by the EPA.

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